Board of Directors & Staff

Asheville is an arts-focused community where famous writers, architects, musicians, and artists have left a mark and enriched our heritage for more than a century. The Asheville Symphony is a major asset to this region’s diverse environment and over for nearly 60 years played a large role in the continuum of its creativity and artistic expression. We are fortunate to be part of this exciting journey.

2016 – 2017 Board of Directors & Staff



Doris Phillips Loomis

Irene Stoll
Past President

G. Edward Towson, II

Eugene Casey
VP – Artistic Affairs and Education

Bolling Farmer
VP – Governance

John Donahoe
VP – Finance

Carol McCollum
VP – Development

Jack Anderson
VP – Human Resources

Mary Kirby
Guild President

Ron Hershberger
Chorus President


Michael Andry
Thomas C. Bolton
Michael S. Cortes
Dr. John P. Cuellar, III
George Dambach
Nancy Edgerton
Bill Gettys
Dawn H. Grohs
Bill Hunt
Gerald C. Kitch
Barbra Love
Kathleen Mainardi
Michael Selverne
Elizabeth Schulte Roth


Directors Emeritus

George M. Bilbrey, Jr. M.D.
J.K. MacKendree Day
Joyce R. Dorr, Ph.D
George F. Goosmann, III
Karl S. Quisenberry, Ph.D
John J. Sherman, Jr.
W. Herbert Smith, Jr.



David N. Whitehill
Executive Director

Amy McGuire
Director of Development

Claire Allen
Development Associate

Sally J. Keeney
Orchestra Manager

Sherry Blakely
Patron Services Manager

Robin Roberts
Patron Services Associate

Brian Garland
Patron Services Associate

Cara Jenkins
Education Coordinator and Youth Orchestra Manager