2018 ASYO Audition Application

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  • Tuition Information

    2018 ASYO Tuitions Rates:

    Prelude Orchestra: $300

    Chamber Brass: $300

    Chamber Winds: $300

    Chamber Orchestra: $350

    Philharmonia: $400

    Youth Orchestra: $500

    Yearly tuition for all ASYO ensembles can be paid either at the beginning of the school year or in installments throughout the year after each student is accepted into the program. Students are additionally responsible for supporting the concerts by selling a set number of tickets for each performance. Checks should be made payable to the Asheville Symphony Youth Orchestra.

    The ASYO is committed to ensuring that all musicians who successfully audition for membership in the ASYO program are able to participate, regardless of financial considerations. To that end, we offer tuition waivers, reductions or special payment plans to families who demonstrate financial need.