Mahler’s “Titan”

May 13, 2017  •  8:00 pm

@ Thomas Wolfe Auditorium

Daniel Meyer, conductor Yevgeny Kutik, violin Mozart     Violin Concerto No. 3 Mahler     Symphony No. 1 “Titan”

Ear JoyBig Ideas, Big Music, A Very Big Symphony

Gustav Mahler has always loomed large in my exploration of music. I am deeply attracted to this music that can be as world-embracing as Beethoven’s, yet often so personal — an artist’s soul laid bare. His mastery of the orchestra, his ear for color, his ability to shift from one emotional extreme to another, all of what makes Mahler so singular, can be heard in this First Symphony. Mahler’s life was a quest for perfection in artistic expression, from the way we render the notes to the way we tap into the soul.

Yevgeny KutikYevgeny Kutik, violin

Yevgeny Kutik is hailed for his dazzling command of the violin, as well as a communicative immediacy that harkens back to the Romantic masters. Devoted to the music of our time, he has commissioned and premiered additions to the concert repertoire.





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