Mrs. Lewis Lundsford and Mrs. William Cecil founded the Asheville Symphony Guild in 1965 as a volunteer organization to support the Asheville Symphony Society. The Guild has grown to over 400 members and celebrated its 50th anniversary in the 2015-16 season.

Past Asheville Symphony Guild Presidents

Mrs. Lewis Lunsford 1966-1967
Mrs. W. Rowe Fesperman, Jr. 1967-1968
Mrs. Charles R. Kern 1968-1969
Mrs. George W. Beverly, Jr. 1969-1970
Mrs. William C. Moore 1970-1971
Mrs. Robert Moffatt 1971-1972
Mrs. Lee Storey 1972-1973
Mrs. R. C. Rich 1973-1974
Mrs. Sidney A. Hughes 1974-1975
Mrs. Ralph R. Woodiwiss 1975-1976
Mrs. Robert Turner 1976-1977
Mrs. Carl B. Sohns 1977-1978
Mrs. Robert Clarke 1978-1979
Mrs. Robert Polak 1979-1980
Mrs. Robert Fitch 1980-1981
Mrs. Aubrey Corner 1981-1982
Mrs. Robert D. Williams 1983-1984
Mrs. Barbara Baskerville 1984-1985
Mrs. Richard Gallagher 1985-1986
Mrs. Robert T. Miller 1986-1987
Mrs. Frederick Bloemeke 1987-1988
Mrs. Hugh McCollum 1988-1989
Ms. Margaret Gormley 1989-1991
Mrs. Charles Roudané 1991-1992
Mrs. David Cartner 1992-1993
Mrs. Dorrie Pratt 1993-1994
Mrs. Beth Stahl 1994-1995
Mrs. Sally Brig 1995-1996
Mrs. Doris Pless Hudgins 1996-1997
Mrs. Audrie F. LaTowsky 1997-1998
Mrs. Eve Burnette 1998-1999
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Saake 1999-2000
Mrs. Beverly Briedis 2000-2001
Mrs. Martzy Moss 2001-2002
Mr. William Roskind 2002-2003
Mrs. Barbara Chisolm 2003-2004
Mrs. Janice Orson 2004-2005
Mr. Peter Dallo 2005-2006
Ms. Barbara Stickle 2006-2007
Ms. Carolyn Hubbard 2007-2008
Ms. Patty Coleman 2008-2010
Ms. Bonnie Habel 2010-2012
Mr. Maurice Stone 2012-2013
Ms. Gloria Pincu 2013-2014
Ms. Betty Paine 2014-2015
Ms. Carolyn Hubbard 2015-2016