Spotlight on Young Musicians

Competition: Saturday, January 21, 2017
Recital: Sunday, January 22, 2017 • 1 p.m.

First Baptist Church, Crocker Auditorium


yac-ad-2017webThe Asheville Symphony Orchestra is proud to announce its fifth annual Spotlight on Young Musicians. This two-division competition truly spotlights exceptional musicians from Western North Carolina in two forms: a spotlight recital and reception showcasing the top participants in both the concerto and solo divisions and an opportunity for the winner of the concerto division to be considered to solo with the ASO. It is our intention that this competition would improve students’ music performance through assessment, motivate continued study of performance, all while establishing a standard of excellence in music performance.


Spotlight on Young Musicians is open to any string, woodwind, brass, percussion, harp, classical guitar, and piano students ages 19-or-under who have not graduated high school at the time of application due date. Entrants must reside, study or attend school in one of the 24 counties in Western North Carolina.

Concerto Division

Entrants can select a single-movement concerto, a single movement from a multi-movement concerto (or approved pieces that have orchestral accompaniment.) The selected work must not exceed 12 minutes in length with cuts if necessary. Memorization is required. Entrants are strongly encouraged to select concerti from the standard repertoire as budget allocations for music rental are limited and are made at the discretion of the committee. The first-place prize winner of the Concerto Competition will be considered for an opportunity to perform with the Asheville Symphony during its Young People’s Concert on March 9th, 2015 at 10:00am and 12:15pm. All three prize-winners will be invited to perform in the Spotlight Recital. Previous first place winners of the Concerto Competition are ineligible to compete.

Solo Division

Entrants may select an accompanied or unaccompanied piece from a single or multi-movement work. The selected work must not exceed 8 minutes in length with cuts if necessary. Memorization is optional. All participants in this category will receive comments and a rating from the judge’s panel. Three to Five participants will be selected by the judges to perform on the spotlight recital.


Concerto Division
First place                   $600
Second place               $300
Third place                  $200

Solo Division
Students earning a superior rating (l) will receive a medal and certificate. Students earning an excellent rating (ll) or good rating (lll) will receive a certificate.

Spotlight Recital

The Spotlight Recital will showcase the best performances from the Concerto Competition and Solo Division. The winners of the Concerto Competition and “Judges’ Choice” performers from the Solo Division will be featured in a recital on Sunday, January 22 at 1:00pm at First Baptist Church in Asheville.

Application Process

Entrants for Concerto Competition and Solo Division will be selected on the basis of their qualifying recordings. Please submit the application, a recording (see instructions below) and non-refundable application fee of $35 by Friday, January 6, 2017.  All applicants will be notified of their acceptance in writing via email by Monday February 8, 2017. Applicants chosen to perform will be notified of their assigned time.

Recording Instructions

Entrants must submit a live, unedited recording of no more than 12 minutes in length. Students have two options of sending their recordings.  The first is compact disc format and playable on any standard CD player or computer disc drive.  Student may also choose to send a YouTube link to a video recording.  Recordings with accompaniment are strongly encouraged but not required. Entrants must audition on the same piece submitted in the recording.


A jury of three distinguished musicians will serve as judges for the Spotlight on Young Musicians. (If an entrant has studied with or otherwise had close professional or personal ties with a judge, the judge will disqualify themselves from judging that entrant. In that case, the scores from the other two judges will be averaged to provide a third score.) The presentation of any or all of the awards is at the judges’ discretion. Decisions of the judges will be announced at the end of the competition. The judges’ decisions are final.

Accompaniment and Scores

Concerto Division entrants must provide their own accompanist. Solo Division entrants must provide their own accompanist unless the selected repertoire is an unaccompanied work.  For a list of accompanists in the Asheville area or if you need additional information contact Cara Jenkins, Educational Coordinator of the Asheville Symphony.

The jury must be provided with one publisher printed original score along with two additional photocopies at the time of registration. The use of legal, electronically printed music is also permissible. Teachers and students should follow federal copyright laws in providing music for all performers. Label all scores with the soloist’s name. Number all measures and clearly mark all cuts in the music presented to the jury.

Saturday, January 21, 2017
First Baptist Church – Asheville
5 Oak St. Asheville, NC 28801

Sunday, January 22, 2017
First Baptist Church, Crocker Auditorium

Friday, January 6, 2017


Spotlight on Young Musicians
c/o Asheville Symphony Orchestra
P.O. Box 2852
Asheville, NC  28802

Cara Jenkins, Educational Coordinator