11 – 18 years


A full orchestra ensemble consisting of middle and high school students performing at an advanced-intermediate level and with the maturity to participate in a full orchestra. All students joining Concert Orchestra will demonstrate solid technique including consistent intonation, a developed tone, rhythmic fluency including compound meters, and an awareness of ensemble skills (listening, balancing, and the ability to follow a conductor). String students will be fluent in first and third positions (through keys of 3 sharps/3 flats). They will demonstrate developing vibrato and a mastery of a variety of articulations (including hooked bowings, spiccato, and marcato). Wind students will demonstrate the ability to play in keys of up to 3 flats/2 sharps and clear staccato articulation. Repertoire includes many standard masterworks from different musical style periods expertly arranged for educational ensembles, as well as many original compositions and popular music straight from the movies. Basic technique and artistic vocabulary is reinforced during sectional rehearsals with professional coaches who are among the finest performers and teachers in the area. Concert Orchestra provides an opportunity to continue developing the ensemble skills needed to advance to Youth Philharmonic literature.