8 – 14 years


Designed for students who have had limited orchestral experience and are excited to begin growing their orchestral skills. All students should have basic note-reading skills, including the ability to identify pitch names and count/play various rhythms in simple meters using subdivisions up to 16th notes. Students should be comfortable playing in first position in the keys of G and D and showing contrast with basic articulations such as detache, legato, and staccato. This ensemble builds solid, fundamental rhythmic and orchestral skills including improved sight-reading abilities, expanding first position and starting third position.

Rehearses Mondays 5:00-6:30pm

2023-2024 Audition Details 

Audition Requirements: 

  • Scales – quarter notes, 80-100 BPM
    • Violins: 2 octave G and A Major, 1 octave D Major 
    • Violas: 2 octave C Major, 1 octave G and D Major 
    • Cellos: 2 octave C Major, 1 octave G and D Major 
    • Bass: 1 octave G and D Major 
  • One prepared solo piece of your choice (no longer than 2 minutes), preferably not ensemble music.
    • Example: A solo piece from Suzuki Book 1 or 2 or Essential Elements Book 1 or 2
  • Students will be asked to sight read a piece of music.
  • Students must be able to identify notes on the D and A strings in first position.
  • Excerpt(s) for your instrument (click on your instrument below).

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