What is ASYO?
The ASYO is Western North Carolina’s Orchestral Training and Music Education program for ages 8-19. Students who audition receive high quality instruction that focuses on the development of the whole child and comprehensive musicianship.

My child made the ASYO, now what?
Read your acceptance letter and join the ASYO Google Classroom. Enjoy time learning new music and be proactive in your learning. 

Where should I look for the most up-to-date information?
You can find information on our web page, Each month, the program director sends out an email with program updates and news. You can sign up for the ASYO newsletter here:

What does my child need to bring for each rehearsal?
Please bring a pencil, your instrument in proper repair, your music, and a music stand. Please see the Participation Contract on our website:  /

What is the Cell phone policy?
All cell phones have to be silenced and placed in an instrument case and/or backpack during rehearsal. Students are allowed to check their phone at breaks if needed. ASYO is not responsible for the loss or damage of students’ cell phones. 

Where do I find the calendar, participation contract etc?
Please visit our ASO website:

I lost my music, what should I do?
Please visit the google classroom. Download your music listed under your specific ensemble. 

My child is sick, what should I do?
We understand that sickness happens. If your child is ill (fever, throw up bug, or Covid) we ask that you kindly keep your child at home. Please fill out the absent request form located on our website, weekly email updates, and/or participation contract/handbook. 

Do we have to purchase tickets for ASYO concerts? If so, where do we purchase them?
Yes, a few weeks prior to each concert, you will be able to purchase tickets through our website. Please visit for upcoming events and follow links to purchase tickets.

We need financial assistance. Can we still apply?
Yes. Financial assistance is available. You may fill out the form located on our website. Please visit and follow the link for tuition and scholarships. 

Will there be chair/section placements within each ensemble? Will there be part checks throughout the year?
Yes. Each ensemble conductor will hold various seat placements and part checks throughout the concert cycle(s)/season. Students will be notified in a timely manner to make sure they have ample time to prepare. 

Will there be a mid-winter audition?
Yes, but for new members only. 

When will next season’s audition requirements be posted and where?
The ASYO team will post our next season’s audition requirements in March on our website to allow for ample preparation time. Please visit our website:

Does my child need to read music to join?
Yes. We only see the students once a week. It is imparitive that our members are able to read music. We will continue to strengthen those skills for all members through weekly instruction; however having basic music reading/literacy skills is a must. For those who may need more support, we suggest joining our Overture Class. This class is designed to strengthen music literacy and prepare students for our various ensemble offerings. 

Can the parents watch rehearsal?
At this time, no. We have little space in our rehearsal rooms. Parents are welcome to wait on campus if needed, just not in the rehearsal spaces. 

Have siblings, do I get a discount?
We do not currently offer a sibling discount; however, everyone is welcome to request tuition assistance and we will do our best to meet the needs of each family. 

Can my child participate in ASYO if we already belong to another regional orchestra?
Yes. However, we ask that you familiarize yourself with our attendance policies and be present for ASYO events. Please read our Participation Contract found on our website:

My child is homeschooled. Can they participate?
Yes. The ASYO is inclusive, welcoming any student to audition. 

Do we have to be residents of the city of Asheville?
No. Our organization pulls students from multiple counties throughout Western North Carolina. 

What is the dress for concerts?
Please see our Participation Contract found on our website: 

Is there a dress code for rehearsal?
Members are asked to be comfortable but respectful. Be aware of other members and points of view. Please avoid political memorabilia and any clothing considered disrespectful. 

Do you follow any Covid Protocols?
We will continue to follow CDC recommendations at this time. 

We lost our Tshirt, can I order another one?
You are welcome to purchase another one as long as supplies last. Please contact Cynthia Roop at

Do the ensembles take a break during rehearsals?
Yes. We complete our season in May allowing time for special projects and audition preparation. We begin our next season in September. 

What is the tuition for the ASYO?
Tuition is $500. The tuition covers weekly instruction from the best music educators and orchestral players in our area. It also includes all AYSO social events, swag, activities, and so much more. Please see the Participation Contract for payment information and schedule. This can be found on our