10 – 17 years


Composed of students who have progressed to the intermediate level of performance on their instrument. Students will solidify and further develop the first and third positions (through keys of 3 sharps/3 flats) through the performance of repertoire. Having mastered the basic skills level, the focus is on developing proper tone quality, mastering intermediate bow techniques, and refining ensemble skills. All students should be fluent in note-reading skills, including the ability to identify pitch names and count/play various rhythms in simple meters. Fluency in compound meter and syncopation will be developed in this group. Designed for string students fluent in first position and developing shifting skills. Members will refine dynamics, expand articulation skills including hooked bowing, spiccato, and marcato. This ensemble focuses on cross-listening between sections, blend and balance, expressing various styles of music, and pursuing detailed, mature music-making with the guidance of a conductor. 

Rehearses Monday 5:00-6:30 pm