13 – 19 years


A full orchestra comprised of outstanding players with advanced technical skills who show strong musicality and musicianship and who are capable of the discipline necessary to perform at the highest level.  All students joining Youth Philharmonic will demonstrate consistent intonation in all keys, a mature tone, rhythmic fluency, and mature ensemble skills. String students will be fluent in upper positions (beyond third) on all strings, will demonstrate vibrato, and will display a mastery of a wide variety of articulations and advanced bow control. Violists will have basic treble clef reading skills and cellists will have basic tenor clef reading skills. Wind students will demonstrate the ability to clearly perform a wide variety of articulations and to maintain a developed tone in all registers. This ensemble is dedicated to performing full symphonic repertoire in a variety of styles. In addition to the full orchestra rehearsals, the students work in sectionals with professional coaches who are among the finest performers and teachers in the area. Weekly rehearsals during the school year are carried out under professional standards.

Rehearses Mondays 6:45-8:45 pm

2023-2024 Audition Details 


  • Scales – quarter notes, 80-100BPM
    • Violins: 3 octave MAJOR keys: C, G, D, A, Bb, Ab; 2 octave MAJOR keys: F, Eb, E
    • Violas: 3 octave MAJOR keys: C, G, D, E, F; 2 octave MAJOR keys: Eb, Ab, A, Bb
    • Cellos: 3 octave MAJOR keys: C, G, D, E, F; 2 octave MAJOR keys: Eb, Ab, A, Bb
    • Bass: 2 octave MAJOR keys: G, F, A, Bb, E; 1 octave MAJOR keys: C, D, and Eb
  • One prepared solo piece of your choice (no longer than 3 minutes), not an ensemble music.
    • Example: A solo piece from Suzuki Book 5 or higher; High School West Region Orchestra solo pieces
  • Students will be asked to sight read a piece of music.
  • Excerpt(s) for your instrument (click on your instrument below).


Bass- Philharmonic Audition material

Bassoon – Philharmonic Audition Material

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Oboe – Philharmonic Audition Material

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Violin – Philharmonic Audition Material


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