LudwigVaniversary commemorates Beethoven’s 250th birthday over a four-month celebration that pays homage to the creative genius through art, food and, of course, music.

The festivities begin in February with recitals of Beethoven’s beloved sonatas performed by Nikolai Lugansky and Ingrid Fliter. The Symphony then honors Beethoven during the Masterworks series. First, Masterworks 5 showcases composers who influenced or were influenced by Beethoven. Next, we put a unique spin on the usual concert experience during Masterworks 6, which will be a series of live recording sessions of Beethoven’s magnificent Symphony No. 7. Our 19-20 season closes with pianist Stephen Hough, who takes the stage for Masterworks 7 to perform two of Beethoven’s piano concertos, including the “Emperor” concerto.

But the party won’t stop there! Join us on May 1-2 to experience Beethoven’s music in a whole new way as you step into “9 Beet Stretch,” an audio installation create by Leif Inge that stretches Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 to 24 hours, immersing you in a captivating soundscape.


LudwigVaniversary Events