Hometown: Born in San Mateo, California; Raised in Heyworth, Illinois
Instrument: Clarinet
Started playing an instrument at: 10 years old
With ASO Since: July 2016
Education: Bachelor of Arts in music, with honors in music theory and musicology from Knox College

Which performance this season are you most looking forward to and why? I’m most looking forward to the season opener in September. I have studied several Russian composers in depth for my research, so I have a particular affection for Russian music. I’m so excited to hear Shostakovich’s Fifth Symphony — and especially to hear what our new music director does with the piece.

When I’m not with the Asheville Symphony, you can find me… at my horse’s barn, near the Colman Boundary in Pisgah National Forest. My other great passion (besides music, of course) is horses. I’ve been riding horses in the Western style since I was 6 years old, training cutting and pleasure horses since I was 14, and I’ve owned my own mare for the last 13 years.

I joined the staff at Asheville Symphony because… The Asheville Symphony is doing incredible work inside and outside the concert hall, and that kind of inspiring and successful creativity is hard to find elsewhere. I was so thrilled to be invited to be a part of this incredible organization and this vibrant community.

My favorite non-classical music is… I enjoy most musical genres, but my particular favorites are alternative/indie-rock and big band-style jazz.

The thing (food/experience/place) I enjoy most about Asheville is… that there’s always something to do or something delicious to eat (almost too many options!) — and there’s something for everyone. My favorite restaurants are Bouchon, Nightbell and Buxton Hall. My favorite breweries are Burial in Asheville’s South Slope and Ecusta in Brevard.

You should come see the Asheville Symphony because… There’s no reason why you shouldn’t! Just like Asheville itself, there’s something for everyone at the Asheville Symphony. We do a little bit of everything. Our musicians are incredibly talented and incredible people. Our audience spans several generations, so you’re bound to make a new music-loving friend. But most importantly, you should come see the Asheville Symphony for the same reason you should see any live music performance — to feel something and be moved.