Hometown: Hollis, New Hampshire
Instrument: Bass
Started playing an instrument at: 10 years old
With ASO Since: 2008 as a member of the orchestra, 2014 as Principal Librarian
Education: Bachelor of arts in music from California State University Chico / Master of arts in double bass performance from University of North Carolina Greensboro / Principal teacher Craig Brown

Which performance are you most looking forward to this spring and why? Stravinsky’s “Le Sacre du Printempts.” It’s a tour de force for the orchestra, and one of my favorites to play.

When I’m not on stage (or in the office) with the Asheville Symphony, you can find me… on the disc golf course.

My favorite non-classical music is… Swedish death metal.

I knew I loved playing flute when… I was 16 and heard Victor Wooten for the first time.

What is your favorite or most memorable performance with the ASO? Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 11. That piece is heavy, deep and has an extremely difficult and brutal bass part. The subject matter of Shostakovich’s 11th symphony is also worth looking into.

My favorite part of performing is… performing! The orchestra is a big machine made up of individuals. I’ve always been impressed that 85 people are able to coordinate, in real time, to complete one task. I also like the fact that we are presenting something temporary that only exists for 10 to 50 minutes before it’s gone, never to be heard the same way again.

The thing (food/experience/place) I enjoy most about Asheville is… all of it!

You should come see the Asheville Symphony, because… Darko. He’s amazing to work with in all capacities. His energy is truly special and contagious. Also, the bass section is very handsome.