The Asheville Symphony June 2024 Porsche Raffle

Congratulations to this year’s June 2024 winner, ticket number 696: Kenneth from Merritt Island, Florida! 

We have contacted this year’s winner, and we are so grateful to everyone who entered this year’s June Porsche Raffle!

Our next raffle will take place in December 2024, so mark your calendars and look for the announcement for tickets going on sale this fall.

Asheville Symphony’s Porsche raffles are a fundraising initiative, and your participation enables us to further our mission to perform and promote symphonic music for the benefit, enjoyment, and education of the people of Western North Carolina. Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support of our orchestra. The Asheville Symphony is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit corporation registered in the State of North Carolina.

Car purchased through Porsche of Asheville and our partnership with Flow Automotive, the Official Automotive Company of the Asheville Symphony.

Previous Raffle Winners

June 2024 Winner
Ticket #696
Merritt Island, Florida 

December 2023 Winner
Ticket #908
Newport, TN

June 2023 Winner
Ticket #701
Naples, FL

December 2022 Winner
Ticket #301
Asheville, NC

June 2022 Winner
Ticket #389

December 2021 Winner
Ticket #567

June 2021 Winner
Ticket #809
Asheville, NC

December 2020 Winner
Ticket #999
Rochester, NY

June 2020 Winner
Ticket #073
Loveland, CO

December 2019 Winner
Jacksonville, FL

June 2019 Winners:
Porsche Boxster Winner
Ticket #400
Atlanta, GA

Vespa Winner
Ticket #330
Flanagan, IL

Winners of the June 2018 Porsche Boxster & Vespa Raffle:
Porsche Boxster Winner
Ticket #585
Bronx, New York

Vespa Winner
Ticket #145
Lakeland, FL

Winner of the December 2017 Porsche Raffle:
Certificate #907
Mr. Hartzell of Boulder, Colorado (pictured, left)

Winners of the June 2017 Porsche & Vespa Raffle:
Porsche Boxster Winner
Ticket #464
Asheville, NC

Vespa Winner
Ticket #043
Chapel Hill, NC

The winner of the December 2016 Raffle:
Certificate #201
CE Beehler, SC

The winners of the June 2016 Raffle:
Porsche Boxster Winner
Ticket #271
Maitland, FL

Vespa Winner
Ticket #337
Norwich, NY

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